Partner Configuration

The Partner Configuration screen allows you to configure partner-specific parameters, that are required by the network, or other type or partner, in order to complete your tracking links generation process. The configuration is network-dependent and can vary between the networks. It can also vary between the different Apps per one network. It is required to configure the source for each app only once, and can be updated later. 

Partner Configuration is accessible it two ways:

  1. Via the “Attribution → Partner Configuration” screen

  2. Via “Attribution → Create Link” screen. Selecting the source (network) for the tracking link you are about to generate, will enable editing that source.
    In case the selected source is not configured yet, an alert will appear in red:

Partner Configuration Window

Each source may have different configuration fields based on the authentication required by the source. Some sources may not require any authentication, while others do. See examples below:


Setting up Attribution Lookback window

The lookback Window is used to determine how far back the attribution algorithm should search for the matching click of an INSTALL event.

In case the lookback window is set to 7 days, and the  INSTALL event arrived 3 days after the matching click, the install will be attributed to that click. If the INSTALL event arrived after 9 days, the install will not be attributed to that click, and will be considered as an Organic install.

The default value of the lookback window is 7 days and can be set to up to up to 30 days after an ad was clicked.

In case there are 2 matching clicks for an install event, the one closer to the INSTALL event will be the attributed click. 

Setting up Event Postback

Some networks require to receive postbacks notifying them on events which happened after the install occurred.

** This will be enabled only for sources which support it.


To set up sending postbacks you’ll need to complete two stages:

First, select the frequency in which you’d like to send in-app events to this source. The following options are available:

  • All - send to this source all the event postbacks arriving from all the sources.
  • Only if install was attributed - send only the postbacks of and attributed install of this source.
  • Off - Never send event postbacks to the source

Next, map your In-app events:

  • Select the event name on the left field, according to the name used in the SDK, and map the name or ID according to the name provided by the Partner. The event will be sent to the source under the mapped event name
  • Check the Send value checkbox if relevant (for example, revenues). If not checked, only counts of the event will be sent.

Special sources

  • Facebook - No configuration is required. Click here to read on Facebook Attribution.
  • Adwords - Click here for detailed information on Adwords configuration.
  • Twitter - Click here for details information of Twitter configuration.
  • Apple Search Ads - Click here for details information of Apple Search Ads configuration.
  • Snapchat - Click here for details information of Snapchat configuration.
  • Chartboost - Since Chartboost requires receiving postbacks for all installs, the checkbox ‘Send postbacks to Chartboost on all installs’ must be checked to complete saving that source configuration.Click here for additional information on Chartboost

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