Attribution Methods

Singular attribution is done based on the last matching click. We have implemented several attribution methods, following industry standards, in order to attribute the installs in the most accurate way.

The attribution process involves, in addition to the attribution method, The following methods are currently being used for the installs attribution, sorted by their precedence:

  • Referral ID - This method is only supported on  the  Android platform, and is considered as the most reliable way for attribution.
    It uses the referral ID that is passed on to Google Play store once a user clicks on an Ad. The click ID, which is being generated by the Source and included in the tracking link, is sent as part of the referral ID. Once the user installs the App, the install event that is sent via the Singular SDK includes the referral ID, and the attribution is done based on that.
  • Self Attributing Networks - Using this method, we query special API’s for attribution data of special partners like: Facebook, AdWords & Apple Search Ads.
    For additional information on attribution for Adwords campaigns, click here.
    For additional information on attribution for Facebook campaigns, click here.
  • Strong ID Matching - In this method, the attribution is done based on the Google Advertising ID or IDFA that are sent in the tracking link. Once the install event arrives from the Singular SDK, containing the ID, it is matched to the click based on that ID.
  • Fingerprinting matching - In Fingerprinting method, the Tracking URL collects basic information of the device, including IP address and model, and then, a unique Fingerprint is generated based on that data. The same Fingerprint (based on the same data) is being generated locally on the device once the App is installed, and then sent with the Install event using the Singular SDK. The match between the Click and Install is then being done based on that Fingerprint. For this method, Singular attribution window is limited  to 24 hours.

Event attribution is based on the installs attribution. I.E. an event that occurs by a user, will be attributed to the source of the user’s install attribution.


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