Retargeting and Reattribution Configuration

Singular’s re-engagement tracking feature gives you full control to enable links for retargeting, create re-engagement postbacks for ad networks and third parties, and measure downstream effectiveness of re-engagement campaigns along with your acquisition campaigns.

Re-engagement tracking is available with ad network partners with re-engagement offerings and targeted ads where the device ID is available.   

Partners that support re-engagement campaigns will have additional options available in their “Partner Configuration” screen, as well when creating Links for them.

If you want to send attributed re-engagements in postbacks to that partner, be sure to check the “Enable Re-engagement Postbacks” box:

In order for re-engagements to be tracked, the option for “Enable Re-engagement” should be checked when creating a Link for that partner. 


If you want to track Re-engagements with partners that don't "Officially" support retargeting, you can enable it by adding "&re=1" to your tracking links, for example, if the original tracking link was:{aaid}&aif1={gps_adid_lower_sha1}&s={publisher}&idfa={idfa}&ifa1={idfa_upper_sha1}&cl={click_id}&cr={creative}&pc={campaign}&h=XXXXX

After adding "&re=1" you will get:{aaid}&aif1={gps_adid_lower_sha1}&s={publisher}&idfa={idfa}&ifa1={idfa_upper_sha1}&cl={click_id}&cr={creative}&pc={campaign}&h=XXXXX&re=1





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