Event Postbacks Configuration

Event Postbacks Configuration

In the process of tracking and measuring the marketing efforts, we use Postbacks to report installs and events back to the Ad networks, for their own measurement.


Installs postbacks are being sent by default to all Ad networks, by Singular tracker. In addition to that, it is possible to send any other event you may want to send to the Ad network, based on your agreement.

For example, for some Ad Networks, you would want to send only their Installs events. Other Ad network, may require to receive a postback of all installs (including of other Ad Networks), and some may require postback events of actions made by the user post installation.


Postbacks can be configured differently for each App, in the source level. It is done via the Source configuration screen:

To configure Event postbacks, first select weather postbacks should always be sent, Only if install was attributed to the Ad network, or Never. The available options in the drop down list are based on the Ad network’s requirements and can vary between the different Ad networks.

You can then start adding the events using the + sign:

On the left, select the In-app event as sent from your App to Singular attributions service. On the right, type the event name according to the name that the Ad network expect to receive for the event.

Check the Send Value checkbox only if the event contain a value that you want to deliver to the Ad network. For example, Revenue.


If you are missing an In-app event name in a source configuration, please contact Support@Singular.net

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