Snapchat - Attribution Tracking

With the Singular and Snapchat integration, you can track your Snapchat mobile app install campaigns in your Singular account.  The integration is a server-to-server integration commonly referred to as a self-attributing method.  This means configuration is simple, easy to set up, and doesn't involve the use of tracking links.  For more information on advertising with Snapchat, see their advertising page or reach out to your Snapchat contact.

Integration Setup


  • Navigate to the Partner Configuration page in your Singular Account.
  • Search for “Snapchat” in the partner search box:
  • Accept the Snapchat Terms & Conditions
  • Save the integration

Send Event Postbacks to Snapchat (Optional)

Singular supports sending event notifications to Snapchat with all of Snapchat's requirements.


First, select enable sending in-app events to Snapchat by selecting All. 

Next, map your In-app events:

  • Select the event name on the left field, according to the name used in the SDK, and map the name to one of Snapchat predefined conversion events.
  • Check the Send value checkbox if relevant (for example, revenues). If not checked, only counts of the event will be sent.

Snapchat Reporting In Singular 

Singular Value

Snapchat Value


Tracker Campaign Name

Snapchat Campaign Name


Tracker Campaign ID

Snapchat Campaign ID


Tracker Creative ID

Snapchat Ad ID


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