Chartboost - Attribution Tracking

Follow these steps to create the 'Global Singular Callback' in Chartboost which will be used for any App and Campaign tracked in Chartboost. One (1) callback must be configured for each OS (Android & iOS). All of the Campaign and App details are sent from Chartboost to Singular using Chartboost dynamic parameters as listed in steps below.

  1. Login to Chartboost and Click on 'Tools' from the Menu
  2. Select 'Callbacks'
  3. Click the 'Add New Callback' button
    1. Enable the 'Callback is ON' with the slider
    2. Name the Callback as: 'Singular Global Callback - Android' or 'Singular Global Callback - iOS'
    3. Select the Role: 'Advertiser' or 'Publisher'
    4. From the Template drop-down select: 'Apsalar Android Click' or 'Apsalar iOS Click'


  4. In the pop-up window:
    1. Enter your Singular API Key (Found in the Singular SDK Section)
    2. Enter 'placeholder' for Bundle ID and Campaign Name


  5. From Static Parameters:
    1. Remove the 'i' parameter
    2. Remove the 'ca' parameter

  6. From Dynamic Parameters:
    1. Use the '+' icon to add the following 10 items:
    2. Use the parameters and macro mapping as listed in the green box below.
      [Click on the image to zoom.]


  7. From the App Selection box:
    1. Choose the 'click' option for each App to Assign this Callback
  8. From the Campaign Selection box:
    1. Choose the 'click' option for each Campaign to Assign this Callback
  9. Click Save.
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