Importing Existing Attribution Data

If your team is joining Singular from another mobile attribution tracking solution, your existing users' attribution information can be uploaded and brought into your Singular platform!

While we understand your existing users' dataset can be formatted in a variety of ways, we require that a flat file be provided for uploading your users in the format specified below, to ensure a smooth process.

We support ingesting existing users who installed, as well as their events and revenue events. Installs, events, and revenue events are imported separate and so three separate files must be provided for each. Please note that we only support importing devices with advertising IDs (IDFA or AIFA).

When creating your historic user data files, please follow the steps below. If data is not provided in this format, delays in processing or rejection of the file can occur. Singular will examine the data files provided and inspect for duplicate installs. If duplicates are found, the duplicates will be removed and a file with unique advertising IDs will be used for the data on-boarding. Duplicate advertising IDs are only allowed in non-revenue event and revenue event files.

Please provide your files in unix encoded '.tsv' (tab separated file) format. other file types will not be accepted.


Table of Contents

  1. File Type
  2. File Naming Convention
  3. How will Singular retrieve your data files
  4. Historical Data Column Definitions
  5. Sample File Layout with data (Historical Installs)
  6. Sample File Layout with data (Non-Revenue Events)
  7. Sample File Layout with data (Revenue Events)

File Type

unix encoded '.tsv' (tab separated file) other file types will not be accepted. 

File Naming Convention


Please use the following naming convention to keep your data files organized:

Filename Examples:


How will Singular retrieving your data files



Historical Data Column Definitions


Sample File Layout with data (Historical Installs)


Sample File Layout with data (Non-Revenue Events) nonrevenue-data.png

Sample File Layout with data (Revenue Events)


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