Facebook API
Singular is already integrated with the Facebook reporting API that supports Instagram, so once you start doing Instagram campaigns, these will appear in your dashboard just like any other Facebook campaign (under Facebook).
Separating Instagram as Another Data Source
If you want to separate between your Facebook and Instagram activities, the best practice is to create a separate account that will concentrate all of your Instagram activity.
When separating Instagram from Facebook, it's necessary to make sure the data is/can also be separated in your attribution provider to ensure we're able to show you revenue (and other in-app events) for Instagram as well.
  1. Create a new account ID in order to separate the Instagram data from the Facebook data.
  2. Add "Instagram" as a data source to your dashboard.
  3. Add the new account ID to the data source.
  4. Email and alert the team that you want to separate out your Instagram and Facebook reports.
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