Overriding a Tracking Link destination URL

Tracking Links or Smart Links are the best way to create dynamic links that work across multiple platforms and user app install states. Tracking Links use destinations URLs to manage all of the different URLs a user can land on. Destination URLs are managed via the Singular Apps configuration page. If you come across specific use cases where you need to override a Destination's URL through the Tracking Link itself, you can append a parameter named "murl" to your Tracking Link and hardcode the destination URL. 

Overriding a Tracking Link destination URL 

Once you have created your Tracking Link, follow the steps below if you need to override the destination URL directly via the Tracking Link itself. 

Note: this URL will be used for all users, regardless of their platform and install state - use this method only if absolutely necessary.  

  1. URL-encode your Destination URL. For example the deeplink apidmgr://forget_device results in the encoded url apidmgr%3A%2F%2Fforget_device

  2. Append the following parameter to your SmartTag: 
    &murl=<encoded URL from step 2> 
    For example a SmartTag can be updated to send all users to the deeplink from step 2 above:
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