Step 7. Validate Deferred Deep-linking

Note: You must implement deep linking (iOS, Android) within your app separate from the Singular SDK for this feature to work

Documentation for this step is in our portal here (iOS, Android, Unity)

  1. Implement Deferred Deep Link Handler using our documentation (iOS, Android, Unity)
    a. Confirm Deferred Deep Linking is enabled on the session event in SDK Console


  2. Add Schema to App in Dashboard


  3. Generate a link to test
    a. Navigate to Attribution → Create Custom Link
    b. Select App from drop-down
    c. Choose type or select custom and name your own source
    d. Select deep link from drop-down
    e. Click ‘generate’
    f. Copy link


  4. Test Deferred Link


If you receive errors or are unable to implement deferred deep linking, please review documentation (iOS, Android, Unity) otherwise reach out to your contacts for help.


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