Step 2. Validate Google Play Referral for Android

Documentation for this step is in our portal here

Validate Google Play Referral for Android

After you have added the device to the SDK Console you can open the app on your device and confirm that “__install_referrer” shows in the SDK Console (only open the app after you have registered it in the SDK Console)

  1. If “__instalReferrer” shows up in SDK Console, then the Test Passed and it was implemented correctly.


  2. If it does not show up in SDK Console follow the steps below to check where it might not have been implemented right.
    Documentation for this implementation in our portal here
    Check that the install receiver is implemented correctly

To test the broadcast receiver

Open the androidmanifest.xml file and find the relevant INSTALL_REFERRER listener class.

In case there are multiple receivers use the first one(the one closest to the top), for example:


In the example above the test app is using “com.adbrix.MultipleInstallBcastReceiver"

Install the APK on a test device

  • You must first enable android developer mode on your phone - HERE and then enable debugging mode
  • Install with: adb install ~/Downloads/com.game_v1.6.apk

Open SDK Console and register the device

  • Start your app first then execute the command below with INSTALL_REFERRER intent:
adb shell am broadcast -a -n**/[class from step 2] --es "referrer" "test_referrer_data"
**note: you can get the package name from Apps link HERE
replace “” with the relevant package name
  • If you confirm that this shows up in the SDK console then the issue was probably timing from when you opened the app and when you started watching for events in the console.
  • You can export the event logs here and look for “__InstallReferrer”
  • You can reset the device and try this test again by following these instructions
If the event does not show up, please check the event logs for this event as it is possible the app was opened before the device was completely registered in the SDK console
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