Step 6. Validate Deep-linking

Note: You must implement deep linking (iOS, Android) within your app separate from the Singular SDK for this feature to work

Singular Documentation for this step is in our portal here (iOS, Android, Unity)

Video Overview Step 1

Add Schema



Video Overview Step 2

Create link to test


Video Overview Step 3

Test link


Detailed Overview

  1. Enable Deeplinking (iOS, Android, Unity)
    a. This must be implemented independently of Singular’s SDK. Please follow these instructions

  2. Add Schema to App in the Singular dashboard
    a. Navigate to Settings → Apps
    b. Find the App
    c. Add deeplinks


  3. Generate a link to test
    a. Navigate to Attribution → Create Custom Link
    b. Select the App from drop-down
    c. Choose Partner type or select Custom and name your own Source
    d. Select the deeplink from the drop-down menu
    e. Click ‘Generate Link’
    f. Copy link


  4. Test link
    a. Option 1
      i. Make sure the App is installed on device
      ii. Email copied link to your test device and click on the link from that device
      iii. The link should open the App to the page of the provided schema


    Option 2 (Android only)
      i. Open a command line terminal on your computer to trigger a deeplink

If you see the following error because the app doesn't yet support deep links… see these instructions to implement deeplinking.


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