Singular's Audience tool is used to generate segments of user based off a specific criteria. Segments can be generated off of multiple criteria including, but not limited to, App, Location, Device Make/Model, OS Version, Revenue Value, Sessions, and Custom Events. 

Once an Audience Segment is created, users can select which Ad Partner(s) to send the segment to for re-targeting, re-engagement, lookalike targeting campaigns and exclusion lists. 

The Audiences Segments can be automatically sent to integrated Ad Partners or via file exports, AmazonS3, or SFTP. 


Creating Audiences 

1. Create a New Profile or select from one of our existing templates 



2. Enter in the specific details for the Audience Profile you would like to create 

  • Name - Be descriptive as possible when naming your Audience Profiles so you can decipher your audiences later 
  • Description - Write a brief description on what the Audience Profile is 
  • Time - The number of days selected in the Time section will dictate which time is used in the Behavior Filter
    • Please note, if 1 Day is selected that translates to the last 24 hours, not the previous calendar day 
  • Apps - Select the App(s) you would like to create an audience segment for 
  • Locations - You can break down the profile by a specific location 
  • Device Make/Model - Narrow down your profile by selecting a specific device make or model  
  • OS Version - Select a specific OS Version to include in your profile or select All Android or All iOS Devices



3. Add Behavior Filter(s) 

Behaviors Filters can be based off Sessions, Events and/or Revenue. 



4. Click "Create" and you will see your total audience reach populate

From here you can:

  • Download the Audience segment to send to your ad partners
  • Pause the Audience Update, which will stop our system from collecting users that fall into that Audience Profile 
  • Edit Audience 
  • Manage Audience Distributions which will connect your audience profile to an ad partner 
  • Delete Audience 



Connecting Distributions 

To connect your Audience Profile to an ad partner, simply click on the Distributions tab and select the partner you would like to run with. 

You will be able to send the profile via SFTP, SFTP-Public Key, or Amazon S3. 

If there is a partner you would like to share Audiences Segments with that is not on the Distribution screen, please reach out to and we will integrate with that partner. 



Best Practices

Do not edit an Audience Profile. Instead, Delete the entire audience and create a new audience profile. It will take 24 hours for the audience segment to be re-evaluated and updated with your new audience profile. That being said, if you edit an existing audience profile you will need to wait 24 hours for the audience segment to be updated with the new users that belong in that new profile. 


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