Everflow Attribution Integration


Partners who are using the Everflow platform may find the relevant macros and its mapping to the Singular parameters in the list below:


Parameter Hierarchy Meaning Everflow macro
pcn Campaign  Campaign Name {offer_name}
pcid Campaign  Campaign ID {offer_id}
pscn Sub Campaign  Sub Campaign Name {sub2}
pscid Sub Campaign  Sub Campaign ID {sub1}
pcrn Creative  Creative Name {creative_name}
pcrid Creative  Creative ID  {creative_id}
pshid Publisher  Hashed Publisher (app) ID  {sub3}
paffid Affiliate  Affiliate ID  {affiliate_id}
idfa Device Unhashed/raw iOS Advertising ID (recommended) {idfa}
idfa1 Device SHA-1 of iOS Advertising ID {idfa_sha1}
idfa5 Device MD5 of iOS Advertising ID {idfa_md5}
aifa Device Unhashed/raw Android Advertising ID (recommended) {android_id}
and1 Device SHA-1 of  Android ID {android_id_sha1}
and5 Device MD5 of Android ID {android_id_md5}
ip Device IP of the device at the time of the click {user_ip}
ve Device OS version of device (E.g. 8.0.1 and not 8.0) {device_os_version}
p Device Device platform (required for s2s integrations only) {device_platform}
cl Click Click or Transaction ID {transaction_id}


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